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Life is Circular

March 24, 2013

I’m always amused when random things unexpectedly come together.

For example, in undergrad, I was very interested in the power industry so I got a summer internship at Constellation Energy (which has changed ownership since I worked there). I spent one summer in the corporate office learning about what deregulation meant and another in a powerplant (now owned by someone else – I assume to reduce market power? It was part of a regulatory deal).

Then, after I graduated from college, I decided to do something completely different and took a job as a marine technician. That 4-month temporary job became a permanent position and I stayed for a little over a year. Mostly, I learned about Linux network administration, firewalls, and how to fix the internet.

I decided to go to grad school to do social science research related to the electricity industry. I started out very consumer-focused with a project on how to design electricity bills where I learned about survey design and statistics. Now, I’m about to embark on a mental models project related to cybersecurity in the electric grid! So different, yet it almost seems like I’ve been building up to this.

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