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August 19, 2012

My favorite part of canning is waiting to see if I made anything good. I like having a surprise saved up for a rainy day or a go-to treat to bring to a potluck. I like sharing my surprises with other people. Every time I open a jar for the first time, it’s an EVENT. I find it so much more pleasing than cooking. Cooking is consumed immediately. There’s no foreplay, no drama. Just wait until it’s cool enough to eat and shovel it in your mouth.

I’m getting better at integrating pickles into my cooking. I had several pounds of potatoes, so I made a simple potato salad and added pickled plums on top. It was the first time I had used pickles to make something more delicious, rather than just weird.

I spent another afternoon in the kitchen putting up all my delicious things. I made a bunch (5 pints) of salsa – hopefully this batch turns out just as good as the last one. I ended up making nectarine-lime jam and *may* have not read the directions for using the pectin ahead of time and *may* have used too much and/or combined things incorrectly. We will have to wait and see! I also made a quart-sized jar of dilly beans … but I substituted rosemary for dill. Another experiment that may or may not go horribly wrong! There is so much to look forward to …


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