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Salsa Dilemma: Canned vs. Fresh

July 21, 2012

Well, I forgot to take a photo of my CSA this week. But my excuse is that I just got back from biking from DC to Pittsburgh. Also, it was raining.

However, since my triumphant return, I have enjoyed the brandied peaches with ice cream. As you can see, they were a huge hit! I had never eaten brandied peaches before, I was surprised by how much the harshness of the brandy had disappeared.

This week, I received cantaloupe, pickling cucumbers, apricots, sweet corn, blackberries, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Kentucky wonder beans, and tomatoes.

I already ate the blackberries and apricots. On Thursday night, I made enough Bean and Cabbage Soup to feed an army. I froze approximately 8 servings. I’m also in the process of making Vanilla Melon Jam with the cantaloupe.

Now what to do with the rest? I’m currently debating fresh vs. canned salsa to use the tomatoes, corn, and leftover onion. I found a recipe for water bath canning salsa but I hate vinegary salsa so I’m not sure if it will be good. However, if I don’t use vinegar, it may not be acidic enough for water bath canning. So then I’m stuck with fresh salsa … which is good, but I really wanted to can salsa! Alas. Maybe I’ll make both?

After that, all that’s left is the pickling cucumbers, which I will pickle, and the Kentucky wonder beans, which I will probably just fry up and eat with rice.

Plus, thanks to some friends of mine, I have recently acquired a large jar suitable for making sauerkraut! There’s a lot on the agenda …

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  1. July 22, 2012 01:45

    That soup looks scrumptious! I love making things that I can stash away for later 🙂

    Come and link up to this week’s CSA link party… Looking forward to seeing you there!

  2. July 22, 2012 12:46

    I have cooked tomatoes and then blended them with salt and cilantro and then frozen it to use as a base for later. Not sure that solves your dilemma.


  1. Canning Season is Coming! | radengineer

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