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Reading All the Slutwalk Blog Posts

June 15, 2011

I love thinking about feminism and intersectionality and racism. That’s why I think this quote is so interesting! It makes me think.

In my estimation we need some new paradigms for dealing with the racial politics of feminist organizing that go beyond piecemeal gestures of inclusivity, which almost always find white women trying to prove that their movements ARE universal, and asking Black women to show why they’re not. And as the commenter “withoutscene” indicates above, my invitation to locate the term “slut” within white female experience was an invitation to really begin thinking about the politics and realities of whiteness in a different way, not an invitation to obscure those politics. For instance, what would it mean to think about “slut(ti-ness)” as invention of white cultural sexual pathology? What would it mean to frame the movement in these terms? Because then, there are also clear grounds for women of color to be involved, in the sense that we, too, are victims (with white women) of white cultural sexual pathology? See that’s a radically different notion of sluttiness as being part of white (female) cultural experience that automatically creates space for racial solidarity without forcing women of color to argue that our experience is the same as white women’s. It also means though that the officers original statement which inspired SlutWalk Toronto would have been understood UP FRONT as both a raced and gendered statement, rather than a gendered statement, that has engendered activism that must now make sure to include race.


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