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Time and Productivity

June 10, 2011

This is the first cruise where I have taken the noon-midnight watch. I had grown accustomed to the night shift. It’s nice to wake up and have everything be super low key for a while.

However, the biggest difference is the sense of time. On the midnight-noon watch, there is no meal interruption until after 7am. By then, your watch is almost over. There’s a long stretch of time in the middle of the night to accomplish projects, use the internet when no one else is and the bandwidth is at its max, and generally chill out. During the day, everyone is awake and there are constant meal interruptions.

Every day, I get on watch and it’s already 2pm. Then all of a sudden it’s dinner time. Then it’s practically 10pm and my watch is almost over. Time flies.

I felt a lot more productive on the night watch. I wouldn’t be as tired when I got off watch (because I had just eaten? because it was daylight?) and I would actually do stuff like watch tv or read. Now, I get off watch and I’m already sleepy. I read for 15min and then fall asleep.

But now that we are at about the half-way mark, I’m determined to make a turn for the better and add some self-improvement to my daily agenda. For the rest of the cruise, I will do the following daily:

  • practice mandolin for about an hour
  • read 20-50 pages of an academic paper related to my future grad school research
  • do some sort of exercise (this one is easy – we’ve already been doing 8 Minute Abs and Midnight Yoga for this whole cruise)

I’m planning to post summaries of the papers I read as a way for me to digest them. I’m starting with a paper on mental models related to climate change.


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