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Fleeting Thoughts Upon My Return

December 28, 2010
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It’s funny – once you’ve been back out here for an hour, it feels like you never left. I still have all my same midnight visitors, I sit with the same people at breakfast, I have the same odd hours.

I’m working the midnight to noon shift again. I kind of like it. I like to start my watch slow and then ramp up to busyness as the 12 hours wear on.

It’s extremely warm in Hawaii. Much warmer than I had anticipated. But of course, it’s still freezing inside the ship – so I knew all the winter clothes I brought would come in handy.

Collecting mud is a lot of work. All of the sediment collection instruments are super heavy and super dangerous. Not a fun

My watch schedule has already been messed up by this mud collection. At first, I didn’t feel comfortable running it myself, so I woke up my co-marine tech to help me. However, then I realized that there are so many heavy things involved and his help was really useful in that sense. So now we’re both running on less sleep than preferable as we try to even out the load while both being there for all the mud collection. This only happens on student cruises. In my “extensive” experience, real scientists bring special coring techs for running this stuff.

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