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October 22, 2010

Spent some quality time with one of the first engineers. One night we went to the top of the space needle and watched planes land in boeing field (he’s an amateur pilot) and the next night we went to a theme park. The tea-cup ride is the worst.

I actually had a lot of fun this cruise because everything was broken the whole time. I love being busy.

One night, I had been awake since midnight trying to fix the internet and the third mate rolled around at about 6am. “If you see him, could you ask Tony why the internet doesn’t work?” STAB STAB STAB. Instead of all the rude thoughts going through my mind, I responded: “I’m working on fixing it right now. Tony doesn’t even know how to fix it.” No respect. Now I have no reason to like him.

Back on shore, nothing has changed. I bailed on my plans to go out on the town tonight. It was way more fun to drink a couple beers at the Oceanography department party and then return to the boat. We’re heading back out to sea at 0700 😦



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