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August 31, 2010

Momentary freak-out when one of the scientists rushed up to the computer lab to report that he smelled fire below deck. We went to investigate and realized it was just someone welding.

Have I mentioned that I’m vaguely terrified of having to get into a life raft? You have to jump into it from high up while wearing an immersion suit that completely restricts your movements. It sounds terrible.

I decorated a new head to shrink since we didn’t have internet for most of the night.

I’m increasingly unmotivated to do anything except read about Lisbeth Salander. Everyone was right, it’s really hard to put the last book down.

I swapped out one of the cables on the CTD and had fun multimeter time. Still haven’t totally figured out what’s wrong with it yet though.

Someone is exploding ordinances 35 miles away from us. We’re supposed to stay away but the science we want to do is right on the edge of the circle they told us to stay out of …
Anyway, shouldn’t they be doing this in the middle of the ocean instead of just a couple hundred miles offshore?

I changed my operating system to Ubuntu from Windows 7 Starter. Have I mentioned that Windows 7 Starter is the stupidest operating system ever? You can’t even change your desktop background in it. I was impressed by how incredibly easy it was to install Ubuntu. One of my coworkers was installing Windows XP on one of the ship machines and it took him all day because the drivers were messed up. Mine took 10 minutes.

Yay! It’s almost time for breakfast. And by breakfast I actually mean lunch.

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