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Back to the Grind

August 27, 2010

I had a great time in Newport, OR. We went to the Rogue Brewery a couple times and found a great little local restaurant on the other side of the bridge. We (a.k.a. all the marine techs) took a taxi there and the driver was surprised that we had even heard of the place – when we walked in, everyone stared at us. We ended up having a wonderful meal and becoming friends with the owner/server (it’s a small place) and the table next to us. A five-year-old girl recited a poem about stairs for us. I ate half of an asiago breaded halibut with lemon basil butter, some jicama salad, and rhubarb crisp. Delicious. I also went on a long walk to the beach and watched the water for a while – I enjoy that a lot.

There was heavy fog when we departed Newport, but a sea lion swam up close enough to the ship that we saw it go by.

I’m on the midnight to noon shift, which I think will be pretty nice. It’s got a slow start (right now all the scientists are asleep) but that means that I can turn up the music in the lab. Then the later part of my watch (after 0800) will involve lots of exciting deck work, right when I’m most at risk for falling asleep.

I like having the computer lab all to myself. Working on a boat has really amplified my anti-social tendencies …

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