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Putting Myself to Work

August 10, 2010

There’s way less deck work on this cruise than the last one. I operate the A-frame when deploying and recovering the ROV (which happens every couple of days) and assist with raising and lowering the USBL pole (used for the ROV navigation system).

So, in between, I’ve starting learning some perl. A lot of the data management scripts on board are written in perl so I figured it would be useful to have some sense of what’s going on in them. It’s been mildly entertaining to copy scripts from the book I’m reading and get them to work on my machine. I entertained myself for a while with a poem-machine script that scrambled the lines of a poem. I love how poems still make sense after you scramble them.

Anyway, it’s clearly a hotbed of excitement over here. Actually, last night was really cool – the ROV was doing some recon on the bottom and found some hydrothermal vents. The ones I saw weren’t particularly active:

Student: (pointing at the TV screen) Are those tubeworms?
Chief Scientist: Yes, yes those are.
Student: They don’t really look the way I expected …
Chief Scientist: Well, you know, there are different kinds of tubeworms. These are hungry ones.

The sea state has been picking up so we recovered the ROV earlier this evening. We’re expecting the weather to pick up tonight/tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes.

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