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Back to Sea

August 8, 2010

I’m back out to sea for another month. I’m more excited about this trip – it’s much more glamorous with movie cameras, underwater volcanoes, hydrothermal vents, and underwater robots. You can learn all about it at:

I’m also excited about being on the day shift (0800-2000) and having a room with a porthole! Since the ship is so crowded, I’m bunking with one of the AB’s in the crew’s quarters. One person is even stuck sleeping in the hospital.

Last night, we had a grand old time at the Rogue Brewery (in the 2 hours we were free before the ship left Newport, OR at 2200). I had forgotten that one of my favorite gins (the pink gin) is from the Rogue Brewery, so I was excited to try their gin and tonic (which was delicious).

The reason we were busy until 2000 was because we had to wait for scuba divers to inspect the bottom of the ship (we had run aground that morning due to a series of unfortunate events). They found a hole in the cover of one of our transducers, but we were able to deduce that it is probably an old system that is no longer in use. Since there was no structural damage, we were free to journey onwards!

And so we have. We’re currently transiting towards the Axial Seamount, where we will spend the next two weeks taking samples/mapping/etc.

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