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August 1, 2010

I really like Seattle. It’s fun being in a new city where I already have lots of friends/family to hang out with. It’s like starting over again without all the hard parts involving finding new friends.

I’ve been trying to figure out what’s next for me. One of the things that I’ve found frustrating about my job is that there’s no career mobility in it. I can’t get promoted (there’s just a different title for the same job) and I can’t get a raise (the state of Washington has frozen paychecks until at least 2011). I feel like I have nothing to work towards. The job is not interesting enough in and of itself to satisfy me.

It’s also frustrating that everything in oceanography is tentative until it has already happened. It’s hard for me to make plans (about for example, where I am going to live) without a relatively firm plan.

I’ve realized that I’m a very goal-oriented person. I need something to work towards, to strategize about, to focus on. I feel so lost right now without that.

So, I’m going to apply to graduate school for Fall 2011. I’m mostly looking at renewable energy related programs across the US. I’m starting to think that I want to stay in academia. Now I just need to get funding somewhere …

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