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Upon My Return

July 20, 2010

I’m really excited to get to Seattle. I’m excited to have high-speed, high-bandwidth internet (so I can catch up on you-tube videos). I’m excited to see my family/friends. I’m excited to go to the farmers’ market and eat lots of berries.

I re-terminated the cable on the 50hp winch and took photos to document it today. Very exciting. The process involves an excellent combination of blow torches, soldering irons, and air-powered grinders.

One of my friends in engineering gave me a tour of the engineering spaces today. The ship’s propulsion system is really cool. Through a combination of Z-drives (main propulsion) and bow thrusters, the ship can be powered in any direction since each drive can rotate a prop 360 degrees in the water. So awesome.

I’m amused that now it seems odd for it to be so dark at 11pm. I’m used to this happening closer to 1am.

All the ship’s doors are open because the weather was so nice today. I even took off my sweater! That’s a first for this trip …

This was the first and subsequently, the second, sign of land:

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