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A Day in the Life

June 25, 2010

We’re once again on a heading where the mast blocks the satellite – so no internet 😦

I’m getting bored of reading manuals so I will detail an average day:

1600: Wake up, look at the glow-in-the-dark stars, consider showering, decide I can wait one more day.
1700: Dinner (Breakfast?) – I’ve been eating with the ship’s crew more than the scientists.
1800: Play cribbage – one of the ship’s oilers and I play every day after dinner, we keep alternating who’s in the lead so there is no clear winner yet, the goal is to win more than one game in a row.
1900: Start to get ready for watch – get dressed, find my wristwatch, etc. 2000: Watch starts – check on the multibeam to see if it needs a new sound velocity profile, check if the internet is working.
2100: On station – deploy a CTD and calvet.
2230: Look at random computer stuff that isn’t working right. 0000: On station – deploy a CTD, grab, calvet, and mocness.
0130: Make myself a sandwich, check email (if there is internet). 0300: On station – deploy a CTD, bongo, calvet, mocness.
0430: Try to stay awake, drink tea.
0600: On station – deploy a CTD, calvet, another CTD, mocness, multicore. 0730: Slip out of deployments to go eat breakfast (dinner?). 0800: Watch ends. Climb into top bunk. Check email/watch a movie until I fall asleep.

My sleep schedule might get messed up tomorrow. We’re stopping in at St. Paul island around noon for a personnel transfer and I kind of want to see it. Oh the dilemma. I got woken up last night because of a man overboard drill. Luckily, I didn’t have to get out of bed – I just had to admit to being alive.

The night before last was the furthest north we have been so far (we are now headed SW but we’ll be back up there). The sun never set – I couldn’t believe how light it was at 2am. I had to think about whether it was the sun or the moon in the sky.

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