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June 22, 2010

I have felt kind of gross the last couple days for the following reasons:

1. Heavy Seas (there is currently a Gale Warning with 11ft seas and 35kt winds) – as a result I feel mildly sea sick when in the computer lab and am easily bothered by smells (such as cigarette smoke and dead plankton). I console myself that this will go away with time. Too bad I can’t say the same about the smells.

2. Hunger – my eating schedule is super fucked up because I’m on night watch. As a result I never really eat lunch and am hungry all the time. This could be improved by being on a ship that served mid rat’s – instead I have to work up the motivation to make myself a sandwich. English muffins with peanut butter are not cutting it – although I ate a boiled egg for lunch the other day and that sat in my stomach pretty well.

3. Sleepy – my sleep schedule is also fucked up so I’m tired all the time. While I’m on watch, I spend most of the time between stations trying really hard to stay awake. Reading does not appear to help. I guess I could do sit-up’s or something. Unfortunately, that also requires motivation which I seem to have less and less of.

Remind me to avoid jobs that involve night watch. I can’t decide if I’m not having that much fun because I’m mildly sea sick, because I don’t particularly like my watch mate, or because I just don’t really like this job.

It seems to me that the daytime is a lot more fun. It was sunny this morning, at the end of my watch. So I went outside and enjoyed it for a little bit. It’s really nice here when it’s sunny. Too bad that so rarely happens in the Bering Sea.

Life got a little exciting last night. We deployed the multi-corer in marginal weather (note the Gale Warning) and it hit the ship on retrieval. It bent in several different directions. We decided that the frame didn’t really matter – but there was a piston that got bent which did matter. So we all stood out in the freezing rain to take a hundred pounds of lead weights off of this contraption so we could take it apart and straighten the piston. Luckily, it seems we were fairly successful. We’ll have to deploy it again as soon as the weather gets nice to see.

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