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Waiting for a Feeding Frenzy

June 18, 2010

Last night, the ship was surrounded by birds at station. It was kind of creepy, looking out into the dark sea and seeing floating white spots as far as you could see. I think they thought we were a fishing boat (like all the other boats out at that time of night) and were hoping to steal some of our fish. Too bad we are only fishing for plankton.

This morning’s station was prime jellyfish territory! Good thing we dropped everything in the water – it all came back covered in jellyfish goo. I’ll have to remember not to rub my eyes with my gloves on …

My packing strategy was not ideal for this trip. I should probably fork up the money to buy clothes that actually fit me well rather than borrow everything. Also, I was so focused on making sure that I had layers that I forgot to pack layers that were easy to take on and off. During deployments, I go in and out and in and out – stripping every time so that I don’t overheat inside or freeze outside. It’s getting annoying to pull my sweater over my head every 30min.

I’ve been experimenting with different combinations. The last couple days, I wore long underwear and carharts – tomorrow (aka later today when I wake up) I think I will wear my fleece pants with my foulie pants. I think that will be more comfortable. I have a feeling that in a week or so, I will settle into my favorite outfit of the clothes that I brought and then never change. Except to do laundry … of course. On the first day, I wore my superman t-shirt. I love that t-shirt, it always elicits comments from people. Now a bunch of the crew are calling me super-girl.

Yesterday, after I went to bed (immediately after writing that last post) there was a fire drill. I was fast asleep. I vaguely heard some alarm but was pretty sure it was an engine room alarm that had nothing to do with me. Then two of the other techs bust into my room telling me to wake up:

Me: “What?”
K: “You need to come up to the main lab.”
Me: “What are you talking about? Why?”
K: “There’s a fire drill, you need to get dressed and come up to the main lab.”
Me: “I have to get out of bed?”
K: “Yes. We’re really sorry.”

Of course, I was the last person to show up. When I got off watch this morning, the lead tech said, “Ok see you later. Remember to wake up if you hear any bells.” I hope there aren’t any emergencies right after I fall asleep for the rest of the cruise.

The internet is down now because we’re at a heading where the mast blocks the satellite. So this post will upload as soon as it comes back (probably when we leave this station in like 30min).

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  1. daddy permalink
    June 18, 2010 14:36

    you are super-girl!

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