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June 17, 2010

I just got off of a 25 hour work day. Leaving port in the evening sucks. After a couple weeks of chilling on an icebreaker and then a couple days chilling in Dutch Harbor, it has been a stark contrast.

I spent most of yesterday readying the equipment for use – we had to reterminate a couple cables (a long and involved process) and make some modifications to the spring tension in the niskin bottles on the CTD. We got underway at about 2300, immediately after the last person arrived. A bunch of people had gotten stuck in Anchorage because of flight cancellations. I got a little seasick – probably because I didn’t take any medication. I puked a couple times and then felt fine. I think I’m pretty much adjusted now. Of course, I may have to reconsider that statement if we run into any heavy weather.

Our first station was at 0100 and lasted until about now (0930). We deployed the CTD three times, a bongo net, a multi-corer twice, and a mocness (sp?). My watch is 2100-0900. Most of the deployments are actually in that timeframe because most of the scientists here are researching the biology of the Bering Sea. As a result, they’re very interested in the transition from dark to light.

Last night was the first time I ever actually saw it get dark in Alaska. Solid nightfall rolls in around 0230 and lasts until around 0400. I really appreciate that the staterooms have no windows.

In any case, I’ve seen several beautiful rainbows in Dutch – it makes me a little sad though because it reminds me that I’m missing Pride. Oh well.

I’m starting to fall asleep in this chair. I can’t decide if its worth it to stay up for lunch or wake up for dinner. Decisions, decisions.

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