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Friday is for Drills

June 11, 2010

The fire alarm went off. Then there was flooding because the fire hose ruptured. Then there was a casualty on the bridge. Good thing it was a drill … it took me a bit to realize that. On the plus side, the firefighting get-up is pretty funny-looking.

As I stood on the flight deck yesterday evening, staring out into the ocean, drinking my Chai Latte, I felt pretty good about myself. Did I mention that there are Chai Lattes on this ship?! I had not taken advantage of this luxury up until now, but there is a little coffee shop (ok ok it’s just an espresso machine in the corner) right off the mess deck. It’s a couple bucks for all sorts of delicious coffee beverages and the money goes towards the ship’s Morale Fund. It’s like having a Starbucks next door except it costs half as much and the drinks are tastier. They even added nutmeg to my Chai. I was very impressed.

I love staring out into the ocean and dwelling in its largeness. Whenever I get stressed out, I can just go out on deck and stare into the ocean and remember that none of this really matters – life will move on. The coldness almost makes it more beautiful – it focuses your observations. At the equator, you get distracted by the heat and the sun and the threat of sun burns. I kind of like it up here better.

I’ll be in Dutch Harbor tomorrow morning at 8am (Alaska time – we’re no longer on weird ship time).

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