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Dead in the Water

June 9, 2010

I was almost at the end of Surrogates when *shudder* *bang* *zip* – the ship went black. I was already all hyped up by the action movie so it was a startling turn of events. Apparently a bunch of things went wrong simultaneously, causing all four generators to fail at once. The ship was amazingly quiet. When we ran noise tests, it was almost 10dB quieter in the water. I went to sleep at about 10:30pm – it was still light outside.

Everyone keeps saying that they’ve seen whales – but I still haven’t. We’ll be walking to lunch and someone will say, “Did you see that? There’s a whale over there!” and point way out into the distance. I look out and see nothing. As a result, I would like to revise my wish to see whales. I would like a whale to come right up to the ship, stick its tail out of the water and potentially splash me with water just to make sure that I see it. Thanks in advance, whales.

Also, I’m no longer the lead tech on the next cruise. That was a close one – apparently, it was a mistake. My employers seem to agree that I should have at least one cruise under my belt before putting me in charge. 🙂

On a funny note, I am amused by the microwave in the mess deck. It has a sign that says:


Apparently, the dryers are equally intense. I will soon find out. This ship is also very serious about hot water. In the shower, I have the dial turned all the way to cold and it is still too hot.

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