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Monday Funday

June 7, 2010

We did eventually get back to that ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) wiring job and successfully finished by 9pm with a break for dinner. The little mistakes always add up – forgetting a screwdriver, making the wrong kind of connector etc. The whole point of that job was to convert the ADCP wiring from copper cable to the fiber optic backbone that runs through the ship. That involves converting the electrical signal to optical and back again at the other end.

I scoured the ship’s library and found a new book to read – On Beauty by Zadie Smith – I had heard it was good.

Watch went well – they are still playing The Shining on the CCTV. I wonder whose job it is to change it? We had multibeam class for an hour and went over the Helms Display that is used to communicate with the bridge (where the helm is). It’s a nice view from up there. Apparently they saw a couple whales yesterday! I’ve been keeping an eye out. Near the end of my watch, we noticed that the ADCP stopped logging. So I went down with the ADCP expert to deduce the problem.

Me: “The deck units are off.”
Expert: “And they’re still switched on, they must have lost power. Where’s the UPS?” *following cables behind the rack*
Expert: “Aha! It’s on battery. Now we call someone to fix it.”

So we called one of the electrical Coasties and they figured out that the root of the problem was a flipped breaker. Overall, we had no power to that equipment for about an hour.

As part of the transition from Hawaii to Alaska time, we lost an hour this morning, thus shortening my watch by one hour. We’ll lose another hour on Thursday morning.

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  1. Paul devine permalink
    June 7, 2010 19:54

    Please advise if you need any help with the adcp

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