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Ah Life

June 7, 2010

There are certain things about a life at sea that appeal to my sensibilities. For example, every night, there is a POD (plan of the day) posted for the following day in various places around the ship. This includes all sorts of information – meal times, presentations, movie showings etc. I like having a plan.

Also, there is a mess deck so I don’t have to cook for myself. I appreciate this. I also appreciate that there is a dessert for every meal (yes that includes breakfast). This is why no one loses weight even if they actually use the gym.

I also enjoy everyone’s sense of humor. It’s surprisingly enjoyable to go back and read the elog entries from other watches. For example:

“The ADCP screen went blank.”
“ADCP back online after whats-her-name fiddled with the whadya-call-it.” “Correction – the ADCP problem is intermittent. Resolution forth-coming.”

There are a couple other choice quotes that I can’t remember off the top of my head. The 4am entries are often hilarious.

I’ve been experimenting with my layering technique. Footless tights under jeans are shockingly warm – especially if you are moving around. I had to take off my fleece because I was over-heating! Of course, the reason this ship is so cold is because I spend a lot of time in a very cold room sitting there and watching screens in case the green lights turn red. Sitting still is really not conducive to staying warm.

There are so many micro-climates on this ship. There is the computer lab, which is without a doubt, the coldest room on the ship. It’s only colder outside because of the added wind-chill. There’s my room, which I finally figured out has a thermostat, so I have it set for a comfortable 80 degrees (I’m pretty sure that it’s not actually 80 degrees, I think it’s closer to 70, but in any case, I’m not freezing when I take my clothes off). There’s the science lounge – which is also very cold. There’s the future lab, where I am currently sitting (it involves a long table filled with people at their laptops or laptops waiting for their people to come back) – which is usually pretty warm. There’s the machinery storage space, which is really hot, especially when we were in Hawaii. It’s really difficult to put together outfits that account for all these spaces when I don’t even know which ones I’m going to be in today.

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