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Sewage is Secured Until Further Notice

June 4, 2010

Not exactly what you want to hear over the intercom right after dinner. I stayed up playing Hearts with some of my shipmates last night. I successfully shot the moon and ultimately won the game.

The ship dynamics are interesting as people start to complain about each other – having been confined to too close quarters too many times – and frustrations start to boil over.

As far as myself, I think I ate too much at lunch. It wasn’t very good (sloppy joes)so I overcompensated by eating too much cake. Big mistake.

The multibeam class has officially started. We had our first class this morning, it was a basic introduction that seemed more geared towards the CG members of the audience than the science group. Our first assignment is to go find all of the physical parts of the system (which are spread out between three decks from the antennas on top to the science lab to the belly of the ship where the transceivers are). Luckily, I’ve pretty much already done that as a result of helping with the installation of the POSMV so no homework for me!

P.S. I’m delaying writing a “what is POSMV?” and a “what is multibeam?” post until I have a better understanding myself – but don’t worry, I’ll explain it all eventually.

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