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First Large Animal Sighting!

June 4, 2010

Where by large, I am referring to all creatures large enough to be seen without a microscope. Yesterday and today, there have been two albatross’s following the ship and floating in the draft. After dinner today, I saw them floating in the water, looking a lot like ducks in the middle of the ocean.

The ocean has been so calm all day – absolutely beautiful weather. Too bad the labs/rooms are all horribly over-air-conditioned. I have to wear a sweater on watch because it’s freezing in the computer lab. That’s probably the coldest room on the ship outside of the freezer. The worst part is having everyone come in and exclaim what a nice day it is outside of the room with no windows. At least we can watch it via the CCTV … (not the same).

The multibeam software refused to track/log data when we tried to restart it after the swim call. I find it a little unsettling that we have to turn off all of the chirps for swim calls to eliminate hazards while it’s perfectly fine to cruise all over the open ocean with it on. What about the whales? I know, I know, there’s whale detection stuff in it – we’ll see how well that works …

C: (overheard from a Coastie before the safety briefing for the swim call) “20 people found dead floating behind an icebreaker in the Pacific, helped on deck by a whale who was attracted to the chirping.”

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