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At Least We Have Swim Call!

June 3, 2010

At the science team meeting last night, we assigned cleaning tasks to be completed before inspection at 0900 on Saturday.

K: (organizing the jobs) “And a boy ought to clean the head because I can assure you that none of the girls were responsible for the pee on the floor!” B: “Ok, ok, I’ll do it – not to imply that I was responsible!”

Watch this morning was fairly dull – we’re in the middle of “mowing the grass” to get highly-overlapping multibeam data. So we’re just driving along these lines and the watch-stander’s duties are to make sure the software doesn’t mess up finding the bottom. If it does, you adjust the settings slightly to fix it.

Apparently there is one channel on the CCTV where they play a movie every day … over and over. We watched The Legend of the Fall 2.5 times without sound before changing the channel to AFN (Armed Forces Network), which appears to be a news station for the military that includes propaganda commercials.

At 1530, there’s going to be a swim call! I’m kind of excited. I’ll at least jump in once. I suppose it’s best to do a swim call in the middle of the ocean off of a Coast Guard vessel!

We started investigating the TV in the science lounge last night and discovered that the power button is missing! Someone has really abused that TV. It was very sad, we never did figure out a way to turn it on …

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