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Taking it in Stride

June 2, 2010

Just got back to the lab after a shower and a couple hours reading “The Secret Diaries of a Call Girl” which I found in the library.

I brought my Linux book out here to play around with for a while before dinner. My watch this morning was fairly uneventful as opposed to the previous mid-watch. The multibeam system nose-dived – a board died, a card had to be replaced, the software crashed – I’m not entirely sure what exactly that all means but it was bad. They had just barely gotten everything stable again when I arrived. We finished up some data collection to assist with debugging and have been chugging north ever since.

This morning’s CTD was cancelled due to the time delays caused by all of that damage. I was a bit disappointed, I had been looking forward to it. I had helped/watched the debugging of it and the root of the problem appeared to be a shorted pump cable. However, due to the intermittent nature of the symptoms, we weren’t entirely sure that was the whole problem. Instead this morning involved learning about the sub-bottom profiler and my role in it as the person on watch. That particular software requires a little bit of babysitting.

In other news, I haven’t mentioned the communications system on the ship. There are phones everywhere, which you can use to call specific spaces (ex. bridge, computer lab, mess deck, machinery space) or if you need a specific person, you can page them. As soon as we got out to sea, all individuals were distributed a pager and the official phone list was updated. No one has ever paged me and I suspect that no one ever will (as long as I show up on time for watch).

Our multibeam course has been delayed until Friday. Alas. What to do with myself in the meantime? One of the company reps started showing us the presentation during our watch – which will only make it even more boring the second time around. (We went through 136 slides explaining all the buttons.)

In good news, there will be a movie in the helicopter hangar this Saturday for Morale Night! Hopefully this will not be cancelled due to high winds like my chances of seeing a helicopter up close. (I think I’m pretty safe.) As a side note, there are no helicopters in the helicopter hangar, but there are a fair number of bicycles and the makings of a basketball court!

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