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Steaming Away …

June 2, 2010

It’s 25min until dinner time. I’m trying to avoid playing games to kill time. I should be doing some of the constructive things on my todo list …

Favorite Quote from Yesterday:
S (joking that he was in charge): “You three fix the multibeam, you fix the satellite connection, and I’ll fix the fucking CTD!”

But anyway, everyone on the ship is very interesting. I like talking to everyone and hearing stories of planes that fell through the ice and conferences in Norway and opinions on polar bears. Altogether, it makes for very interesting dinner conversation. These people are very into the Arctic – what with being on an icebreaker. I hope I get to spend some time on the ice in my life – I’m not even picky about what hemisphere!

I’m trying to decide what to buy at the ship’s store before I leave. I have to get a sweatshirt for one of my co-workers – but I think I’ll also get a sticker for myself. I’m a big sticker collector. I put them on my water bottles – which makes losing my water bottle that much sadder. So far, I’ve lost 2 in recent memory that had some really awesome stickers. The first debatably had too many stickers, some of which totally sucked. The second only had two stickers, but they were real keepers. My new water bottle is taller than the last two – thus more room for stickers! I started that trend one summer when I worked for the Living Classrooms Foundation. One of the first mates had tons of stickers on his water bottle and I really liked it – so I copied him. In the store, there’s also a little coffee shop (aka espresso machine) that the Coasties staff to raise money for their Morale Fund. I think they’re going to have a basketball tournament or something on Saturday.

The scientists don’t seem to watch movies as much as I expected. When I looked at the ship’s schedule online – there were two movie times per day! However, everyone is always busy doing this or that or looking at their data or analyzing old data or trying to figure out why this thing that worked yesterday is broken today. There’s no time for movies! I suspect I’ll be busier on the university’s ship since I’ll have some marginal degree of responsibility. I hope I pick everything up quickly. It seems like everyone is really eager for good tech’s – now if only I could be one of those … at least I have a back-up plan to move back to Baltimore and be a power plant engineer! Although if I stay at the university long enough, I may be able to get a Master’s out of the deal.

As another random interesting tid-bit, we have to account for ourselves twice a day. There’s a website on the ship’s network where we need to check a box twice a day (once before lunch and once before dinner) to prove that we haven’t fallen overboard. Of course, as everyone points out, that leaves 18 hours between 6pm and 12pm where you are free to fall off the ship without being noticed.

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  1. untilthewheelsfalloff permalink
    June 3, 2010 09:34

    I love your blog and I love that you have the “free” time to update it with your adventures in engineering on a ship! Please don’t fall off the ship between 6 and 12.

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