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Watch #1

June 1, 2010

I just got off the morning watch (0600-1200). We’ve divided up into 6 hour watches, 2 people per watch. We haven’t started training yet for the multibeam, we’re still in the lengthy process of calibrating. We spent a lot of yesterday/last night driving in figure 8’s as we waited for the equipment to calibrate – eventually we realized that the IMU (inertial measurement unit) didn’t have quite the right settings so we let those auto-adjust. (I was asleep for all of that.)

Right before I got on watch, they did the pitch calibration. Then we had a failed CTD (conductivity, temperature, density sensor) attempt (water got in the wiring) and started the roll calibration. Everything takes hours and involves a lot of time spent staring at a computer screen. You might call it mind-numbingly boring. Actually, that’s a lie. When we were driving in figure 8’s yesterday afternoon and I wasn’t on watch – that was really boring. At least during watch you make log entries. Once we start the training I think there will be more to do/study/think about/obsess over.

Yesterday, I was starting to feel down what with the huge amounts of boredom. However, as soon as I stepped outside of the lab (where there are no windows), I was whisked away. I love staring out into the ocean from on deck. Later this afternoon, we’re going to try and deploy another CTD so I’ll probably go check that out. Apparently, there’s a great view from “aloft command” where they steer the ship in ice (you need to be able to see really well when ice-breaking).

I haven’t gotten seasick at all. I felt a little gross yesterday, but I think that was more from the side-effects of the medication than any actual sea-sickness. So that’s good. At one point, I was holding a pill in my mouth while I went from my stateroom (where the pills are) to the lab (where my water bottle is) and it made that part of my mouth go numb! My mouth felt funny for the rest of the day.

Also (on a completely different subject, I apologize for jumping around so much), please excuse any errors that come up. I’m writing these entries to my current understanding which is riddled with inaccuracies and confusion. So if I contradict myself, the second one is more likely to be right. Hopefully, if I confuse you enough, you’ll start to understand how I feel!

By the way, my stateroom is awesome. It’s so huge! Somehow, I lucked out so that I have it all to myself. I have my own sink, a bed, a closet, a file cabinet, a desk, and even a mini-trash can. I’m sharing my bathroom with the next room, but he never uses it so I basically have that all to myself too! Although apparently my shower is broken (which I hadn’t noticed on account of avoiding showering). I’m pretty sure they’ve fixed it now though.

The food is good – there’s always a snack out, including a never-ending supply of chocolate covered espresso beans.

Anyway, I’ll write more later. I’m going to go join the bad tv show of staring at computer screens that change every 30s and complaining that the data is bad.

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  1. June 1, 2010 19:32

    Delight to see you are posting!

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