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Free Time

June 1, 2010

This whole concept of free time is a lot harder to get used to than I expected. I have watch for 6 hours, I sleep for about 8 hours, and I spend about 30min eating dinner. That leaves 9.5 hours to while away! Since I don’t exactly have a job on this ship (I’m really just here for the 5-day multibeam course that will be spread out over 9 days) and I’m not seasick and there’s no all-internet, all-the-time, I need some short-term goals in the meantime:

1. Learn about Linux, break Linux, try to fix it, start over (I have a book and a virtual machine on my laptop to assist with this task)
2. Read SSSG wiki (I did that a lot yesterday while I was bored but I probably need to read it again to absorb anything) 3. Read books, I should find the library and see what’s there
4. Shower (I know, I’ve been avoiding this, maybe I should move it lower down on this list?) 5. Take photos
6. Put some music on this laptop
7. Blog (I’m on a roll so far! Next entries: More on Life, Coast Guard Interactions, Temperature Fluctuations etc.)

So far this afternoon, I learned how to splice and waterproof cable for the CTD, wrote some emails, and chatted.

Actually I think I might like this life. It’s a lot like being a power plant engineer. You have a couple long-term projects that you chip away at until a short-term emergency comes up. It’s a very similar mindset.

P.S. Generally, I can’t see any of the comments you all post on here. So if you have anything particularly interesting to say, email me to get my ship email address (via the auto-reply).

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