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Last Night in Hono

May 31, 2010

So, last night was my last night in Honolulu! That time went by fast. I’ve been learning a lot about the ship’s data systems and helping install a new multibeam bathymetry system. The ship is installing a second system to replace the current one. However, the current one will remain on board in a secondary capacity.

While in Honolulu, I stopped by the Seamans and saw a couple people I know from SEA as well as toured the Langsden (the LDEO ship). It was really interesting to learn about all of the seismic studies that they are doing.

I like listening to all the gossip on the ship about who is funding who’s science and who’s ship is better etc. It’s so interesting and twisted since everyone knows everyone else.

Now that we’ve departed Honolulu, we’re waiting around for the multibeam to calibrate. I’m just barely starting to understand whats going on with the system. I’ve seen a lot of the installed hardware, but I don’t completely know how it all ties together. I know there’s an antenna to collect navigation/attitude (heave, pitch, roll) data and there are transducers on the bottom of the hull which send out a pulse and receive the echo from the ocean floor. In between there are lots of converters between fiber and RS232 and back again. The attitude data are more complicated than I completely understand – they include both position as well as velocity. In the next few days, after we finish this initial calibration step, we’ll be having formal lessons on the equipment.

Tonight we’re doing some helicopter ops with the local Coast Gaurd – so hopefully I’ll get some cool photos!

I’m still waiting on getting my email access ironed out, so these posts are a little delayed.

14:16pm, 5/31/2010

UPDATE: Flight ops were cancelled due to high wind. We’re still driving in circles trying to get the POSMV to calibrate.

17:55, 5/31/2010

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