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This Little Blog is Growing Up!

May 19, 2010

So, a couple days ago I graduated from college. I now officially have a B.S. in Engineering and am moving out into the big wide world!

I was lucky enough to get three job offers – two of which were for full-time positions. However, I ended up deciding to go for the third option. I’m going to be an engineering technician II for the oceanography department of a big university on the West Coast. It’s a temporary position, but I get health insurance and the opportunity to travel around on sweet ships. In fact, a week from tomorrow, I will be on an icebreaker in Hawaii!

As a result, this blog is going to change a bit. First off, I’m hoping to update it more often. I’m not sure what my schedule will be like on the ship, but I’ll try. In addition, although I want to keep the focus on the intersection of engineering and feminism, I will probably write about my personal thoughts/experiences more than I have up to this point. In any case, I hope you all keep reading!


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