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January 7, 2010

I thought some of you may find these posts of interest:

I was especially excited when I heard the news about Amanda Simpson’s appointment because I have been attended the LGBT networking sessions at the Annual Society of Women Engineers Conference for the last few years (I went to Nashville in 2007 and Baltimore in 2008). All I can say is that those sessions were some of the most depressing sessions I have ever attended – very low turn-out, a lot of discussion of being closeted. I hope women like Amanda Simpson can start to change that. Also of interest – have you heard Lynn Conway’s story?

I also noticed two posts on gender and video games. Sociological Images noted a video game made for little girls which focuses on “navigating complicated high school relationships” while Feministing pointed out a study on how “women play more intensely than the guys”.

I haven’t watched it, but Boing Boing reported on GirlTalk Radio – a podcast for girls who like math and science.

I interviewed some women in the trades for my project – so I thought Feministing’s post on Rosie the Riveter High School was awesome.

And, for good measure, some videos on being a technical woman.

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