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Feminism = F(Patriarchy)

September 29, 2009

So, I’ve been reading Judith Butler’s “Gender Trouble” to build up my background in feminist philosophy – I had forgotten how intense reading philosophy is. My brain is about to explode.

It got me thinking about the value of feminism without patriarchy. Butler’s primary quibbles with feminism seem to be that it is based on illogical principles – namely that it is possible for there to be one concept of  “woman” who is subject to one concept of “patriarchy”. There is nothing universal about feminism and yet feminists often fail to acknowledge that.

I signed up to be on the NOW Young Feminists Task Force and felt that same way. All of the issues that everyone else cared about – reproductive rights, domestic violence – were all important, but not what I cared about – namely female representation in math/science, education.

Feminism tries to do something impossible, which is what makes it so fascinating. It’s trying to be everything and nothing all at the same time. Mostly, it’s just something cool to think about. At some point, I will most likely write a post on my definition of feminism. Won’t that be interesting?

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